Saturday, 6 July 2013

Digital service records

Mazda no longer have a book for its service history, they want it to be safe now that all service work, have acted in one of its distributors, it is safe and precisely documented. That is why have developed a digital record. Known as your vehicle service history is always the report of the digital service online, this new way of storing their and can be accessed through all their stores.

Why is this good and why you'd want to, this certainly sounds like some draconian measures does dominate the automotive world undeterred happy auto makers? No doubt, there are some disadvantages, but it is really a good idea to read more to find the why and what benefits would be for the owner of the vehicle.

Forgot your history?
Your vehicle service history is documented in their secure central database. If you print your personal system of digital service, you can consult and reprint history of service to you, or if necessary, can be verified to determine if the vehicle warranty still apply quickly.

Do they move somewhere?
If you need your service history, while abroad or a dealer of different Mazda in the United Kingdom, you can history available vehicle of the service provided and is maintained by any of our franchise establishments around the world.

Added value?
Just record the amount of work, conducted the workshop on your vehicle, as well as the mileage at the time of the visit. As records can be manipulated, you need more peace of mind when you buy a Mazda vehicle with a complete history of Mazda dealer service. If you want to sell your Mazda will offer you also its history of service documented the sale of the vehicle.

But a great benefit not only for Mazda, which can keep the digital, but smaller DataSet is not Mazda also all you have to do is free garages, apply to this feature, then when they have a service for your make of Mazda, you can update your record of digital service (DSR).

This is a great advantage, since no longer going directly to Mazda and pay your bill for labour and expensive parts only the DSR to keep. Of course, we even Mazda thanks primarily to create this excellent system.

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